In today’s time it is normal for us to throw garbage anywhere. But one day this garbage is going to become the biggest problem for us. Because it causes serious diseases, due to which lakhs of people are being killed every day. A report has shown that floods, earthquakes or any other natural problem happens every day in any country of the world. The main reason for all these natural disasters is garbage. That is why waste is called the biggest enemy of nature.

Meaning of waste management

For any waste to be disposed of properly, it has to be collected, transported, monitored and certain processes have to be done on it. It is called waste management or waste management. This waste is generated by the daily functioning of human beings and nature. If this waste is not managed properly then it is a threat to the whole world. But humans are still increasingly producing rather than disposing or managing waste. If this continues, then in the coming time we will see some such terrible forms of nature which we have never seen before today.

Why is waste management necessary?

It is very important to manage waste, as it harms human health and environment. As industrial waste reduces the yield of the land. It causes many diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, jaundice and cholera. That’s why we need to manage waste.

Electronic waste contains many toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury, lead and cadmium. These substances are very harmful to the environment and human health. India generates four percent of the total e-waste generated in the world.

Apart from this, solid waste like plastic, glass, medicine vials, metal, leather, electronic items are also harmful for us. This waste does not get destroyed even after many years, whereas India generates 960 million tonnes of solid waste every year.

Throwing garbage causes land pollution. Due to this, the produce land becomes barren, due to which we suffer in agriculture. Apart from this, when the accumulated garbage starts decomposing, then the foul smell comes out of it. This foul smell not only contaminates the surrounding environment, but also spreads many dangerous diseases. To prevent these diseases, we need to do waste management.

When this waste flows through the drains and mixes into the water sources, then it pollutes the water. This leads to the death of many aquatic organisms. Apart from this, if this waste is burnt, it pollutes the air.

In this way, it is necessary and necessary for us to manage the waste properly to avoid all these pollution of waste.