Environmental Pollution

We have not inherited this planet from our ancestors, but we have got it on loan from our children and the thing which is borrowed always has to be returned. But today if we look into our girbaan, then we will know how much we have polluted the world. At present, this earth is not at all safe for our future generations. It is not that only India is facing this problem, but all the countries of the world are troubled by this problem. Except for some countries like Switzerland and Holland, this is a big problem for all other countries. Every day many trees and plants are being cut. The environment is getting polluted due to forest fires. But we have to stop polluting the environment, otherwise our children will end their existence.

what is the meaning of environment

The environment that satisfies the physical needs of human beings is called environment. The environment around us is also a kind of environment. If we talk about many centuries ago, nature had given us a clean and beautiful environment. But as man progressed, he became greedy and started destroying nature. Due to this development and greed, today man has put himself and the environment in danger. Presently science is progressing very fast, as it makes human life comfortable. But on the other hand it has caused a lot of damage to the environment

Types of environmental pollution

There are 4 main types of environmental pollution. Water pollution, air pollution, land pollution and noise pollution.

Water Pollution

The first type of environmental pollution is water pollution. Water is the driving force of all nature. Human beings need the most water in the world, but still we pollute the water. For example , dangerous chemical water comes out from factories and big factories and gets into rivers and oceans. Due to this, a large amount of water is polluted and this pollution has to be paid by the living organisms in the water.

air pollution

Today the most polluted part of the environment is the air, because today the number of devices like motor-cycle, car, truck is increasing continuously. Due to this the consumption of petrol and diesel is increasing. On the other hand, due to population growth, refrigerators and ACs have increased in homes. The CFC gas released from it damages the ozone layer. Due to which air pollution is increasing continuously.

land pollution

The grain that satisfies the hunger of man grows on the ground itself, but human beings have polluted that too. At present, plastic does the most damage on the land, but we are also producing the maximum amount of plastic. Whereas plastic is so strong that if buried in the soil, the plastic remains the same for 50 years. If a person cannot clean his surroundings, then do not make it dirty.

noise pollution

Insignificant noise with frequency is called pollution. Pollution should never be the value of prosperity. But in today’s weddings, until the DJ does not play, it is not called a marriage. Apart from this, the noise of big machines of factories also pollutes them. When a person makes more noise or listens, then he can have a very serious disease of mental stress.

Environmental Pollution