How to control environmental pollution

Any pollution is easy to build up, but its effects are a little more difficult to solve. To stop such pollution, first of all we have to make a formation of all the countries. So that all the countries together can have a serious discussion on tackling these pollution. Apart from this, every country should give its report and for its solution, every country should think about how to avoid these pollutions.

Apart from this, big companies and factories do more pollution of water in our country. If they are brought under strict compliance of the law, then to some extent we can save the environment from being polluted. If any company or factory pollutes more than prescribed, then it should be forced to close.

To avoid air pollution, the use of LPG, CNG will have to be increased in the country. Along with this, we have to increase the use of electronics vehicles and solar energy by reducing the use of petrol and diesel vehicles. With this, we can save the air from getting polluted to some extent. We should find some solution for plastic also. For example, instead of burning plastic, we should recycle it and use it again.

But the best solution is that our children who are studying in school should make them more and more aware about pollution. For this you can provide new schemes on pollution in school. By organizing some speech competition, essay writing competition, debate on pollution among young students, they should be made aware about pollution. Children should be sent to serve the environment and they should be given to make posters. This will create awareness in them and in future those children themselves will protect the environment.

World Environment Day is celebrated very consciously on 5th June. On that day people make a failed attempt to eradicate pollution. But do we have to save the environment only for one day and for the remaining 364 days we have to harm the environment. If not, then from today we protect the environment from our home. First of all we have to stop water from becoming polluted. Instead of throwing garbage on the streets, it should be thrown in the dustbin. A rule has to be made in life that every month we will plant a tree and take care of it. Because if nature is giving so much to man, then we can only do so much for it.

Apart from this, we should use as little plastic as possible. The use of electrical appliances is to be maximized and the use of petrol and diesel has to be reduced. If we do this work ourselves, then there will definitely be a change in the environment and pollution will definitely be less in a few years.


There is a very good saying in English that Stopping pollution is the best solution. This means that stopping pollution is the best solution. Therefore, from today itself, do not harm the environment in and around your house and make people aware about it.

How to control environmental pollution