Why you should get a green roof

The built-up area is increasing, every bit of greenery counts. Green roofs are not only a functional building element, but also reduce the ambient temperature, provide shelter for insects and plants and are non-flammable. It is suitable for both flat and slightly sloping roofs, each project has its own specifics, so it is good to consult an expert.

Ecosystem contribution

Grown flowers and an evergreen area, where the human foot does not step, this is a great benefit for insects that lose a safe haven. Fungi, crustaceans and other organisms will also come into their own. In addition, green roofs absorb carbon dioxide, dust and maintain natural moisture. Instead of another space full of building material, an area will be created where it simply lives, and which does not produce additional heat.

Construction specifics

Flat and slightly sloping roofs are suitable for green roofs. The slopes are aligned with the help of the cascade and are well held in place. However, the maximum angle of this roof is usually 45 degrees. Don’t skimp on insulation and high-quality soil. If these roofs are well made, they will last forever. You will be rewarded with natural sound and thermal insulation, natural retention of rainwater and a non-flammable roof.

Where to find an expert

Green roof specialists are easy to find. However, the search can be made even easier. On the Poptávej.cz website, you create an inquiry where you describe your conditions. The call center specialist will then review the description with you and, if necessary, clarify. The approved request goes to construction companies and craftsmen in the area. They will then send you a customized price offer. You can get more offers, so you can easily get an overview of the market. When you choose a supplier, you already negotiate other details directly with him. It’s simple and completely free and non-binding for those who ask.

Why you should get a green roof