What is green electricity and what are its advantages?

You must have already come across the name green electricity. Its name already reveals that it is something considerate. You are not wrong. Green electricity is a term for electricity produced from renewable sources such as water, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal water and others. These resources are naturally renewable, meaning they are ecological and inexhaustible. An important factor in these energy sources is that they do not harm the environment by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

It is up to us whether we choose for the operation of our company or household an energy consumption that harms the planet or one that simply does not harm and does not leave a carbon footprint.

Taking green electricity doesn’t mean your radio will play louder or your dishwasher will do its job better. Electricity will always remain electricity. The only difference is that green electricity is obtained from renewable sources. You may think that you would like to save the planet and switch from conventional to green electricity, but you are worried that it will not be too expensive. You really don’t have to worry. Green electricity definitely won’t break your budget. The good news is that green energy doesn’t even have to cost you more. Just compare the offers of different companies. Alternatively, you will only pay a few tens of crowns more.

One household using green electricity won’t save the world, but adding one adds another and the number of people using renewables starts to rise, and that’s worth it.

The extraordinary power of rivers and weather conditions can be used

Energy companies around the world rely most often on hydropower and wind to generate electricity. This generated energy is cheap and produced without burning fuel, meaning it doesn’t release carbon dioxide or pollutants the way power plants burn fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. Your lights can also shine in a way that saves the planet. A gentle approach to nature will be ensured by LED lighting and green electricity. If you belong to people who care about ecology and nature in general, then it is likely that you have already switched to a new source of energy. Maybe you’re just planning it. Green electricity is undoubtedly the future.

LED lamps

LED lighting is also the light source of the future, which will gradually completely replace conventional lamps. Of course, even LED lights have their drawbacks, after all, like everything. However, the advantages prevail, judge for yourself:

Advantages – frequent switching on and off will not affect their lifespan, their efficiency is up to 10 times higher than that of a fiber bulb, their lifespan is also much longer, they light up quickly at full power, they light up in a natural way, which is especially appreciated by women who use LED mirrors to beautification. They do not contain mercury, lead or other toxic substances.

Disadvantages – this usually includes a higher purchase price (however, you always have to pay extra for quality). When buying, it is necessary to choose a verified manufacturer (you can come across low-quality products in this direction as well). In some applications, LED lighting can cause glare. Fluctuations in current can also reduce the life of the product.

What is green electricity and what are its advantages?