Global Warming must be stopped

Global warming is a dangerous problem for us because the earth is constantly warming up. According to leading scientists, natural disasters will increase in the world in the coming years if global warming is not stopped. Along with this, there will also be major changes in the environment.
<h2>Importance of global warming</h2>
When the temperature on Earth rises continuously due to various activities, it is called global warming. Many of the sun’s rays hit the Earth’s surface through the atmosphere and are then reflected back. But the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of many air components. It also contains some greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, etc. When this air rises in the atmosphere, it forms a shell over the Earth. This envelope blocks some of the reflected rays, causing the earth’s atmosphere to heat up continuously. This is called global warming.

According to many of the world’s great scientists, the biggest problem of the 21st century is global warming. Century. Scientists have cited the Third World War as an example of this. According to him, the damage caused by global warming will be ten times greater than the damage caused by the Third World War.
<h2>Greenhouse gas emissions</h2>
Power plants have the highest greenhouse gas emissions at 21.3 per cent. This is followed by 16.8 per cent of these gases produced by industry in each region. Transport and vehicles produce about 14 per cent, agriculture 12.5 per cent, fossil fuels 11.3 per cent, residential 10.3 per cent, biomass burning 10 per cent and waste incineration 3.4 per cent greenhouse gas.
<h2>Because of global warming</h2>.
Greenhouse gases are the biggest contributors to global warming. According to scientists, greenhouse gases include many gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Greenhouse gases absorb heat from outside into themselves. These gases are used to keep plants warm in places with extreme winters.

Volcanic eruptions, fossil fuels, motor vehicles, etc. emit large amounts of carbon dioxide. Apart from this, many of these gases are also emitted by the aircraft, vehicle and power plant industries. Humans, animals and birds emit carbon dioxide through their respiration. Today, the population is constantly increasing. This also increases the amount of the gas.

Greenhouse gases are also increasing due to deforestation and destruction of forests. This is because trees reduce carbon dioxide gas. Pollution is also an important reason for the increase in global warming, which we cannot ignore. At present, pollution is widespread in every corner of the world. Pollution also produces carbon dioxide in the air.

The ozone layer prevents the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth. However, the CFC-containing ozone from refrigerators, air conditioners and fire extinguishers destroys the air layer. For this reason, the sun’s ultraviolet rays now reach the earth directly and increase the earth’s temperature.

Global Warming must be stopped