How can companies with high electricity consumption save electricity?

Saving energy is an important part of climate work for many companies. And by reducing electricity use, money is saved as well as the environment and climate. Here we give some smart energy saving tips – for reduced electricity use.

What does electricity use look like in your company?

It may sound obvious, but to reduce electricity use, the first step is to find out which areas within the company consume the most electricity. Of course, all companies have different conditions and challenges, but there is also much that many companies have in common. Here we have collected some tips for smarter electricity consumption.

What is an energy mapping?

Through an energy mapping, it is possible to obtain a good decision basis for how a company should proceed with implementing measures that affect electricity costs. Mapping energy use requires time, knowledge and good measuring equipment. An energy survey can be carried out by your own company, an energy consultant – or a certified energy surveyor. In such a report it is possible to see:

  • how much energy is used in your company – and how much does it cost?
  • how energy use is distributed in different parts of the business
  • in which areas there is an opportunity for energy efficiency – and which measures are most profitable for your particular company

How do you do and how much does an energy mapping cost?

At the Energy Agency, you will find more information about how an energy mapping is carried out.

How to do an energy survey – The Swedish Energy Agency

The price varies depending on scope and execution. Therefore, think through the purpose and expectations before placing an order with a consultant.

How much does an energy mapping cost? – The Energy Agency

Operation optimization and control – cut power peaks

Energy-efficient operation – or operation optimization – is about reducing energy use as much as possible. There can be great savings potential in reduced energy use – just by ensuring that existing systems are used as they should be.

The electricity fee for companies is paid based on the power peaks that exist during a certain period, that is, if a lot of electricity is consumed during a certain time of the day. By smoothing out that effect and cutting the power peaks, it is possible to lower the cost.

We help you predict your electricity costs

For companies with an electricity-intensive consumption, so-called portfolio management can be an advantageous solution. In order to be able to purchase electricity at the right time, experience, knowledge and a high level of analytical ability are required. Our electricity trading experts help companies buy electricity on many different occasions and in a way cut the peaks in the electricity price.

Above all, larger companies and industries that can shift production time have great opportunities to make a lot of money by being flexible with energy.

How can companies with high electricity consumption save electricity?