Waste management measures

In ancient times, humans used to dig a pit and bury the waste. That was waste management for these humans. But at present we cannot use this technology. Because at that time their population and garbage was very less.

Whereas in modern times our population and garbage is very high. Along with this, if humans bury the waste at present, then insects and animals will start to grow in it. This can spread the disease on a large scale. Therefore, in today’s time it is necessary to manage the waste properly. There are many ways and methods for this, which we will go through in turn.


The process of recovering waste and converting it into new materials and commodities is called recycling. By this process the wastage of useful materials of waste can be prevented. The things produced by this process are useful for raw materials in many places. Air and water pollution can be prevented to a great extent by recycling. This process produces less greenhouse gas.


Landfill is a place where garbage is kept. To understand it in common language, when the accumulated waste is disposed of by burying it in the ground, it is called a landfill. But landfills can never be placed where people live. Because it smells bad. Landfill is the most popular way to manage waste.

In this, the waste is first sorted by bringing it to the landfill, so that everything that is useful can be recycled. The waste is then crushed into small pieces and buried. In many places, methane gas is made from landfills. This gas is used to generate energy. But at present this process is decreasing. The main reason for this is that, the number of humans in the world is increasing and the place of burial of waste is decreasing.


Composting is an easy and natural process to manage waste. In this, organic waste like plants and kitchen is managed. In this process, organic waste is stored in one place for several months, so that the microbes inside it get decomposed. It is said to be the best practice of waste management. Because composting process converts unsafe organic waste into safe compost. But still this process is not very prevalent today.


It is said that, to save the environment, we have to manage solid waste systematically. Because this waste harms the environment. The most commonly used incineration process is to dispose of solid waste. In this process the waste is converted into residues and gaseous products by burning at high temperature . This process is very popular in countries like America and Japan . Our municipalities use the same process to dispose of solid waste.


In this process the waste is broken down (separated) at high temperature. In this, the combustion of waste is done in areas with very little oxygen. This process causes less damage to the environment.


Like gasification, in this process also the waste is broken down at high temperature. But in this the combustion of waste is done in the absence of oxygen. This process does not harm the environment.

In this way we can use all these measures to manage the waste properly. This will also eliminate waste and will not harm the environment either.

Waste management measures